Kralan cake

What is the “Kralan” cake?
A Kralan cake is a kind of Khmer cake which recipe has traditionally handed through centuries. At present, even though there is a wide assortment of cakes, sweets and biscuits made by various confectioners, the “Kralan” cakes remain one of the favorites among the Khmer people both in rural urban areas. The cake is made from glutinous rice, coconut and soya beans and it’s baked in a bamboo tube to obtain its fragrance. The cake can be eaten at all occasion like other sweets and cakes, but it is not available everywhere. Khmer woman can sometime be seen carrying such cakes on their heads for sale from street to street, from market to market or in crowded areas. On the other hand, such cakes as well as some other Khmer cakes are never seen on good plates or on sale in main bakeries or on the occasion of any festivals.

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